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News from Thornetta
08 October 2013

Thornetta: The Musical

Thornetta is musical written for the stage by Bridget Callaghan and Jeff Swesky.

When wayward angel, Thornetta, asks for a second chance to prove her guardian abilities, she’s given an assignment that seems insurmountable. Felix, the detestable lead singer of heavy metal band The Serpents, seems to be a lost cause. When seedy record producer Stan Soule tries to take control Felix’s career, as well as his life, Thornetta’s mission becomes even more difficult and potentially dangerous.

Can Thornetta save Felix’s soul as well her own?

This website will contain updates by its creators about the journey of taking Thornetta from the pages of original stage play to the stage itself as a musical production. To contact the authors, visit the Contact Form or email them at:



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